As part of the Donhou Bicycles commitment to quality, we provide a 5 year warranty to the original owner of the frame purchased (+ fork and integrated handlebar if manufactured by us), for any defects caused by our workmanship or material.

This means that for any defect in materials or manufacturing during the above period of original ownership, we will repair or replace the frame (and/or fork) as required. This does not cover any defect from the result of accident, improper use or neglect and will be at the discretion of Donhou Bicycles Limited. Customers are expected to carry out regular preventative maintenance to their bike, including but not limited to the use of an internal frame saver wax and the removal, cleaning & re-greasing of the seat post to prevent seizing in the frame. We also advise caution with pressure washing, where water can be forced into the frame.


Paint finish on our frames carry a one-year warranty against defects in the materials used and their application. This does not cover normal damage caused by wear and tear (scuffs, scratches and chips) caused in everyday use and abuse.


Any components (including forks other than those manufactured by Donhou Bicycles Ltd) are covered by the original manufacturers’ warranty only. For any defects please contact us in the first instance.


If you think you need to return an item for any reason, please contact us at tom@donhoubicycles.com.


To make a warranty claim, please contact us with proof of original purchase to arrange for collection. Carriage charges to and from Donhou Bicycles will be the responsibility of the original owner.


Donhou Bicycles Limited is Registered in United Kingdom.

Company number: 9493426