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Donhou Store

Our frames are produced at our own European facilty - Donhou Store. Its Donhou Bicycles European sister. So where Donhou Bicycles is our UK base, Donhou store is now our European one and whether you are visiting us in the UK via the website or in person in the EU at Donhou Store, we hope you enjoy the experience.

The process, the making of, the sound of a hole saw cutting metal, dirty file handles from years of use and the smell of oiled steel... All things you could only get a glimpse of on Instagram or Youtube, but for us, they are such a big part of who we are and what we offer, that simply wasn't enough. 

We're pleased to present to you our new production facility. A workshop, showroom and viewing gallery combined. We're no longer tucked away in an upstairs corner of an old industrial building, where only a few customers could come visit if they could find us. We now have a full showroom, a space to compliment and exhibit our bikes in their full glory. And with our workshop behind glass, it's also a space where you can actually come and see the frames being crafted, hear the soft grinding of the hole saws and get an occasional whiff of those oiled tubes! 

As well as selling our own frames and bicycles, we also want to use the shop to promote more sustainable cycling products, so we've kind of done the scouting for you if thats something thats important to you (as it is to us). Plus we'll be offering repairs, hosting events and much more...

So come down, grab a drink, take a look at the bikes and see some frames getting made. We look forward to seeing you!