Hand crafted

Built to last

Our story...

Donhou Bicycles is a multi award winning frame building brand based in the UK. We produce some of the worlds finest steel bicycles.

Combining craft and innovation we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the love and care that is taken to create each individual frame. Labouring over every process in the design, production and finishing stages we strive to make each frame as perfect as it can be.

This has been recognised by our collection of awards from Bespoke UKHBS and NAHBS shows, as well as outstanding reviews and further awards in the cycling press.

Where we started...

Donhou started as a full custom workshop and it's this combination of high craft and customer relationships that make Donhou what it now is.

All those beautiful little custom touches. The understanding of balanced proportions and fit. Knowing what it means for a customer to own a beautiful hand crafted bike. This all now flows into our current bicycles.

Donhou rapha custom utility town bike handlebar

We continue to build all our bikes with the same care and attention we always have done...



Winner - Best CX Bike

NAHBS 2017


Winner - Best Road Bike

Bespoked UKHBS 2015

Phaedras Town Bike

Winner - Best Utility Bike

Bespoked UKHBS 2014

Pimento Stuffed Town Bike

Winner - Best in Show

Bespoked UKHBS 2011


Winner - Peer Prize

Bespoked UKHBS 2012


RCUK100 - Hottest road cycling product

RCUK - 2018


RCUK100 - Hottest road cycling product

RCUK - 2015