Utility Geometry Bike

We have recently launched our new Utility model, a bicycle designed to be highly functional for city use. At the bikes heart is its geometry.

The geometry was designed from the ground up. Building a fully adjustable test rig, we could look at steering geometry and handle bar shape as a complete package. Handle bar shape will affect your weight distribution. Your weight distribution, combined with steering geometry, wheel size and tire volume, will affect the handling of the bike, so these need to be considered as one. We also need to take into account that the bike will often be loaded and the location it will be loaded on the bicycle, again affecting how the bicycle will handle.

With the test rig we could adjust the fork geometry, head angle and chain stay length. We could also fully adjust, width and sweep of the handlebar, as well as stem length. This meant that through iterative testing we could dial in the geometry to what seemed to be the best balance for what we wanted the bike to achieve. 

Thats the thing with geometry its always a balance, so there will always be some compromise in some areas, to get what you want in areas deemed more useful. We've come up with a stable machine, that still has a lively side when you ask of it. It can steer quickly and be manoeuvrable at the slower speeds often found in heavy traffic situations and around obstacles in urban environments, but isn't unstable at higher speeds. It's optimised for front loading and handles well with heavier loads. Accelerating away from the lights, or attacking a climb on a weekend ride? Out of the saddle it handles itself really well too...

For more details on the bike, check the Utility page.

Donhou geometry hande barDonhou geometry bicycle fork