The Unwritten Mountians

Bike camping morning at the lake

The ‘unwritten’ Agrafa mountains. Steep, wild and raw. Climbing from the epic plain of Thessaly, pedal stroke after pedal stoke, switch back after switch back, checking over your shoulder to witness the vastness like a huge patchwork sea. Dropping into the Plastiras basin, glancing the snowcapped Agrafa range towering in the distance, as horses graze on the lake side. The terrain switches from fresh black top, gravel, rock fall strewn mountain roads and shady snow covered turns. Climbing into the freezing temperatures of the high Agrafa, lonely and a little hostile, before dropping back down into a late hazy winter afternoon and the warmth and stability of the lowlands. For more info on the DSS3 Gravel tune click here.

Moody skies over vast plainDSS3 laying on gravel road