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Road gravel bike with dazzle paint

Here’s a DSS1GR… Yes this is an off menu option which has been more popular recently. The DSS1 is a great road machine, fast, fun, comfortable, tough, it’s the bike most people need. But sometimes people are a little taller and maybe they want something even more capable.

So we have been quietly offering the DSS1 built around a gravel fork with tuned geo' and tubing to suit. With the use of the gravel fork it brings the proportions into balance on a taller frame, the 32c tyres and deep rims on this bike help too. If you then want to go on that one gravel adventure in the year, you can fit up to 40c tires too, the Reynolds 853 main frame is hardy enough to step up to that kind of action. 

Our London fit partner Foundation handled all the sizing for this build, as James definitely was a customer who benefited from custom sizing. It was a pleasure to hand deliver this one at their fit studio, so they could get James all dialed in there and then.

The paint is an obvious highlight on this one. When we work on paint designs with a customer, their input varies a lot. Some opt for one of our signature options. Others keep it simple with a single colour. Some just say here’s an idea, do your thing. Others, really like to be involved and in these cases we enjoy working through the process of extracting what is inside a customers head and using our experience to deliver something special.

The design scope started pretty wide with this one, we had inspiration from print design and processes such as halftone themes. There was quite a lot of colour and another strong theme running through the inspiration was distortion and noise. 

We took some of those print elements and worked up a dazzle design, distorting them a little and smashing them together with a CMY fade, to end up with what you see here.

I rode this one down to delivery. I can confirm it’s a head turner! Or maybe it was because I looked like a child that had just stolen it! Yes this bike is bigger than its proportions would suggest.