Rapha Fit Bike

A little while back we were lucky to work with Rapha on quite a unique project. 

rapha soho london fit bike

Rapha had approached us to see if we could help with an in-store project, in the form of a “bike" that would allow customers to try on clothes whilst being able to cycle. Of course it's one thing for a garment to fit when you're stood up looking at yourself in a mirror, but it's something else to then fit whilst on the bike. 
rapha fit bike
With a background in Industrial Design, there is often a side project on the go aside from building the bicycles. Working with Rapha's retail designers, we came up with some quite sculptural options and although it was designed to look like it wasn’t going anywhere, it still needed to look fast standing still! It needed to be something that people would be dawn to sit on, furthering the retail experience for them and to confirm the garment was the right fit for them.
You can see here a little bit of the process behind this bike, from early sketches, Illustrator visuals and quick Rhino CAD renderings.
rapha fit bike sketch
Rapha fit bike rhino render
If you find yourself in the Soho Club House, then go try some bits on and take it for a spin.