Donhou Top 10 // No.8 - Davids town bike (2017)

Donhou custom utility bike

This is one of the last full custom town bikes we built before closing the custom order book to focus on our Signature Steel range. The town bikes are always the most fun, you can really get to know the customer and make the bike personal in a way that is simply not possible with a road bike. 

This bike was designed for photographer David Burton to carry him and his photography equipment shoot to shoot through London. It features all the signature Donhou town bike touches, including killer proportions, belt drive, disc brakes, big rubber, bi-lam seat cluster and of course, the swept back bar/stem combo and locking top cap. It is however the only one we've built fixed. We had started building a lot of town bikes with carbon forks and this one made a move back to steel. Thats also a full custom rack on the front too...

This particular bike is built from Reynolds 953 stainless steel tubing and features exposed brushed stainless box stripes, peeking through a very dark and moody Bentley Midnight Green. Its pretty much black until you get it in the sunlight. Then if you can look deep enough, you can see the daaaaark green coming alive way down inside. Subtle and highly refined, me and the customer sweated a lot of the details on this one and it shows.

Donhou custom utility handlebarsDonhou custom town bike seat clusterDonhou custom town bike mudguardDonhou custom town bike rackDonhou custom handlebar bellDonhou custom locking top capDonhou custom utility head badge