Donhou Top 10 // No.6 - DSS2 (2015)

Donhou DSS3 gravel bike

The DSS2 was the 2nd in our Signature Series of stock models. Really, it probably should have been the first. We built many custom variations of this bike off the back of the @rapha Continental build (2012) before it became a stock offering.
The brief for the Rapha Continental pushed us in a direction of Gravel or All Road, before either were a thing and were in their very early infancy. I would say that the Conti' bike was the defining bike for Donhou. A disc road bike with capable geometry and clearance for larger tyres. This for me was what Donhou was and it was the mainstay of what we did for the years before it became mainstream. It sits in our range now more as a “tourer”, but looking back its clear to see this was a stepping stone for us, from road to what is now known as a modern gravel bike.

We collaborated with Suzanne Antonelli on the Signature paint option on this one and that Miami vibe just makes me happy every time I see it. The DSS2 is a tough nut thats a total joy to ride. To prove its worthiness, we took both the original Continental build and the DSS2 and launched it with a Trans-Icelandic mission through the desolate interior.

DSS2 head badgeDSS2 top tubeDSS2 seat clusterDSS2 rear drop outDSS2 mudguard