Donhou Top 10 // No.4 - Pimento Stuffed town bike

donhou utility town bike pimento stuffedThe very first town bike we built. It took the Best in Show award at the first ever @bespokeduk show and is one timeless machine. Big rubber, belt drive, custom bar/stem combo, sweet stance and integrated bell mount. But it also had two other defining features, the locking top cap (no its not a steering lock!) and the labyrinth post. Both of these features for theft prevention, important for any town bike, especially one to be left locked up in London.

You needed a key to nick the bars and stem and you needed to now the correct combination of twists, turns, pushes and pulls to remove the seat post. Basically its a slot milled into the bottom of the seat post and a peg brazed into the back of the seat tube. I guarantee a thief would need at least an hour to solve the puzzle! I can’t find a single picture or video of it however, I think phones were still just phones back then...

This one is unique amongst the Donhou town bikes in that it features a coaster brake only. Its owner was a true one of kind and the friendship we made has had a lasting effect on me.