Custom Rack

This was a really cool build. A single colour DSS2 is totally timeless and this one is even more special with the custom modular stainless steel rack. 

The customer wanted a rack that would be as beautiful and considered as the frame and custom stem. They also wanted it to work in a variety of setups. It wanted to be able to be used as a simple front rack for tying down anything that might need moving. It wanted to work with the unique mounting system of the Ena bag that had been made for this project. Then for when the road really called, it wanted to able to add pannier capacity for longer trips.

We came up with a Randoneur style rack that incorporated the unique mounting system of the Ena bag. There are bolt on rack "tops" that can be replaced to tune the appearance whilst not using the Randoneur bag and then finally, the struts can be replaced for lowrider mounts allowing the use of Panniers. 

The rack was constructed from stainless steel with beautifully finished brazed joints. Ena Bags of course supplied some subtle custom dark blue bags to match the midnight blue Chris King components destined for this build. The orange liner giving these a classic adventure vibe.

You can find this one in and around Tokyo, Japan...

Thanks to Bluelug for the pictures of this build.